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Natural dreadlocks

£50 - £80 per head with an average cost of £50 depending on thickness and length of hair and the dividing of the hair (how many dreadlocks you want)  

Method Used

Hair is divided, back combed and weaved using a needle. Natural Australian Beeswax is used to seal the hair. Please be aware Dreadlocks can be teased out up to 1 year after having them done but will damage the hair dramatically. 

Tidy Up Hair Session

£10 - £30 per head depending on work required

This involves original techniques used to shape the dreadlocks and offer new techniques and guidance depending on what work is needed. 


It is highly recommended for you to wash your hair with soap or shampoo before visit (please don't use conditioner) - clean coarse hair is perfect for locking/ knotting. 

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